Casino Rules and Regulations

– No person employed in a casino may solicit or accept any tip, gratuity, consideration or other benefit from any player or customer in the casino.- A player shall not be advised by an employee of the casino on how to play, except to ensure compliance with these rules.- No spectator and no player wagering at a table may, unless requested by a player, influence or offer advice to that player regarding that player’s decisions of play.- Players and spectators are not permitted to have side bets with or against each other.- A seated player who does not place any wagers for 3 consecutive rounds of play, while all other seats at the table are in use, may be required to leave the seat.- The casino operator may from time to time reserve 1 or more gaming tables for:(a) The private use of an individual or group of individuals; or(b) The purposes of a specific promotion, tournament or other event.- Where a table is reserved under the before rule, a sign designating it as a private table shall be displayed on it and the table shall not be open for gaming for the general public.- The casino operator may, while the casino is operating, close a gaming table at which players are present, providing a sign with the time of closure at the table for at least 20 minutes before the closure. This rule applies only during the hours in which the casino may operate.- The casino operator shall set the minimum and maximum wager limits at each gaming table, subject to any directions issued by the Authority-The minimum and maximum wager limits permitted at a table shall be displayed on a sign at the table. Unless stated on the sign, wagers are not required to be made in multiples of the minimum.-No minimum table wager limit shall be raised, nor shall any maximum table wager limit be reduced, unless:(a) A sign indicating the new limit or limits and the proposed time of change has been displayed at the table for at least 20 minutes before the time of the change; or(b) All players at the table agree to the change; or(c) The table is being opened for gaming for the first time in a gaming day; or(d) There is no gaming activity taking place at the table.- The casino operator may allow a player to wager in excess of the maximum table wager limit, provided that a sign showing the minimum and maximum wager limits for that player is placed on an appropriate area of the table.-No wager shall be made or accepted in connection with any game if:(a) The wager is not permitted by the rules of the game; or(b) The wager does not comply with the wager limits applying to the player making the wager and indicated on the sign displayed in accordance with the rules above, as the case may be; orc) Partnership between players, with a view to exceeding any maximum wager limit, has occurred; or(d) The wager does not comply with any specified wager level applying to the player making the wager and set out in the rules of the game.- All wagers placed with a casino operator shall be paid, taken or disposed of by the casino operator strictly in accordance with the applicable rules. A player’s entitlement to winnings shall be governed by and determined in accordance with the rules, irrespective of any overpayment by the casino operator, and the casino operator shall be entitled to recover any such overpayment.- The casino operator shall ensure that all winning wagers are paid in chips, unless the rules of the game or approved procedures specifically permit payment by other means.- Subject to the application of any rule or approved procedure permitting the payment of winnings otherwise than by means of chips, where it is not possible to pay the exact amount of winnings in chips, the winnings shall be increased to the next highest amount in which payment can be made in chips.- Players are responsible for claiming and collecting wagers and winnings.

Let Me Teach You How to Win at Slot Machines Every Time You Play! Never Leave a Casino Broke Again!

I am writing this article for the average person who likes to go to the casinos but are not quite sure what to do after they get there. Or, they have went several times and always leave with empty pockets and a sick feeling in their stomach. Anyone going to a casino should learn the basics of play before they insert any money in their first slot machine. Walk around the casino and look at what other players are doing and whether they are winning or losing.Always, and I repeat, ALWAYS, read the payout screen on a machine before you start playing so that you won’t lose your money as soon as you sit down. I have seen people put $20.00 in a nickel machine thinking they were going to get to play for awhile and only get 4 spins because the maximum bet was 90 nickels, which is $4.50 a pop! I have also seen people bet one coin on a 3 coin machine that requires 2 or 3 coins to payout if you hit 7’s. They hit 7’s with 1 coin bet and it paid nothing.After you have seen what other players are winning on and have read the payout screen and are ready to insert your money then do the following.First: Don’t play like you only have a few minutes. Take your time and pay attention to how you are winning any amount of money. If you win any amount of money within your first 10 spins then keep playing as long as your money is building up. But, if you go 10 spins and don’t win anything (not even a bar) then it’s time to find another machine. There are times when you can put a hundred dollar bill in a machine and not win anything until your very last spin, but that’s rare. And, if you are going to win then I don’t think you should lose $100 hoping for a win. You need to be sure of going home with money in your pockets.Second: If you win $200 or $300 in your first 10 spins don’t play it all back trying to get more. Play 8 to 10 spins more and if you win more keep going, but if you don’t win anything else take your money out. You can then start over in the same machine with another $20 or find another machine. Many times you will lose your money back if you keep playing where if you take your winnings out and start over with another $20 the machine will start paying again.Third: This is probably the most important piece of advice I can give anyone who wants to go home with winnings. Every time you win one half to double what you brought with you take it and put it up. Then return to the casino and start playing with your original money as if you just arrived. You will end up going home a winner and can even make more in one sitting than you do in an entire week at your job.I wrote my book at the encouragement of my family and friends because I win every time I go to a casino. I have been playing for the past 4 years almost every weekend. I have written a book that will give you step-by-step instructions on how to play, which machines return the most money, and where to look for the best paying machines. I hope the few techniques I wrote about above will give you a good headstart at winning at slots.